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What Video Games Have Taught Me About Social Media

In life, you can take lessons from anywhere to help you in your journeys (this blog was started as a testament to that idea).  I’ve been playing video games for most of my life and would like to share some … Continue reading

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Marketers, What To Give Your Consumers That’s Not Crap

Do you care about your audience enough to give them the one thing that can make all the difference? Continue reading

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Social Media Sucks, Especially Twitter

Preface: I am going to spend 2 hours working on this post, whether I like it or not. Social Media Sucks It does.  Think about it, how much of your day is sucked in doing something online?  If you’re anything … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing, a Study in Semantics

“It’s not about vengeance, it’s about justice.” -Every cop drama/revenge movie ever If you have watched TV or seen a movie in the last 5 years, you’ve heard the quote that started this post.  From Jack Bauer to Mel Gibson … Continue reading

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