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New Things, New Wings

Hello everybody.  This will not be a long post, but I wanted to thank everyone that read yesterday’s post and everyone that subscribed and is now following my ramblings. I wanted to write this post to tell you about a … Continue reading

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How Your Audience Is Like The Mogwai

We’ve all seen them: the cuddly heroes from Joe Dante’s 1984 film Gremlins known as the Mogwai.  Gizmo is the most famous (and the only one that doesn’t break the rules and torment the small mid-western town) and is pictured … Continue reading

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My Resignation Letter to Mediocrity

To Whom It May Concern: Today is my last day.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how happy it makes me to be able to type that phrase. I have been with you for many years … Continue reading

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The Nose Knows: Does Your Blog Pass The Stink Test?

Nothing smells as sweet as a flower in the desert. (Image Credit: danykomio) The phrase above might as well end with “…even if it smells like shit.”  If you are the only flower in the desert of course you smell … Continue reading

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They Call Me….The Viper

A student in Columbia, TN has recently been reported as dressing up as a super hero and patrolling the town square at night, Kick-Ass style.  He goes by the the name The Viper (side-kick pending).  Read and watch the story … Continue reading

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But To Read Is Devine

This past week I participated in an experiment put forth by Justin Kownacki and Ian M Rountree called #ReadItAll Week.  I’m not going to completely restate how it works, but feel free to read Justin’s explanation here.  The gist of … Continue reading

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Blog: Available For A Limited Time Only!

My favorite part of almost every episode of Inspector Gadget was when Chief Quimby would show up in a garbage can (shown), or locker, or sewer grate and give Gadget his assignment.  The best part was that each time Gadget … Continue reading

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