Thanks, Please Join Me

Dear Faithful Readers,

I wanted to write this quickly as a thank you.  I appreciate more than you know all of you who have read and followed my ramblings through this site.  I loved reading your comments and everything you added to the conversations I started.  This is definitely not the end, but a brand new beginning and I would be most honored if you would join me on that journey.

I will no longer be blogging through this address but will actually continue my mental meanderings at  Everything I have written and all your comments have been moved to that site so nothing will be lost in the move.

Other than the look and the web address, nothing will change.  If you subscribed to this site, I hope you will subscribe over there and if you enjoyed these posts, I hope you will still enjoy them going forward.

Again, thank you for your dedication and I look forward to talking with you on the new page.


Joey Strawn


About Joey Strawn

Digital marketing sociologist and public relations specialist with experience on national and local campaigns with a love for film and the things it says about our culture and business. Joey is the Senior Social Media Strategist at ISM in Nashville, TN and is in the business of helping people and companies deal with the new universe of social media in their marketing and PR endeavors.
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5 Responses to Thanks, Please Join Me

  1. Heather says:

    Hmm… I just don’t know how to subscribe at the new site. Nothing seems to work.


    • Joey Strawn says:

      Heather, thanks for letting me know. The way I have set it up is if you click on the orange RSS block in the header it will automatically set it up to the RSS reader of your choice.

      Thanks for letting me know there is confusion. I’ll find an alternate way and add it on there too.

      • Heather says:

        Hi, that’s what I’ve been trying all along, but I just get a page of html code. Not sure if it’s my computer or something on that end.


  2. Joey Strawn says:

    Probably something on my end. For now you can just put in into your reader. I’ll add another RSS feed follower to the site today.


  3. Marketing Sociologist says:

    Using Marketing Sociologist. I knew it was catching on. May I suggest you add 21st Century marketing (This replaces the lame term social media. What’s so social about people living in mom and dad’s basement being on the Internet all night?)?

    Richard Kelleher, M.B.A.
    World’s First Marketing Sociologist

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