They Call Me….The Viper

A student in Columbia, TN has recently been reported as dressing up as a super hero and patrolling the town square at night, Kick-Ass style.  He goes by the the name The Viper (side-kick pending).  Read and watch the story here, I’m not making this up (Viper *not* pictured).

Now, I’m an avid reader of Christopher Penn’s blog “Awaken Your Superhero” but I’m not sure that’s what he is talking about.  His feeling is that we have all have the power to intake  unlimited streams of information from across the globe that generations before us only dreamed about being able to do, and it is our task to awaken our superhero and understand our powers and place within that ability.  You can see why I love to read it, but maybe this is another side to that coin.  What kind of person takes their passion and creates a superhero?  What kind of inner drive propels a man to do that?  Are you that type of person?

Should you be?

Leaps Tall Blogs In A Single Bound

What’s the one question you get asked all the time by your clients/friends/co-workers/etc.?  Have you started a business venture or blog around that idea or need?

Why not?  You could be a lot of people’s superhero.

Inspiration doesn’t strike everyone.  It’s very possible you will be uncomfortable when you do it.  You’re friends will look at you strange and ask too many dumb questions.  But you’ll understand.  Have the confidence to look a little silly, especially if it’s going to help people.

Create your superhero.

Faster Than A Speeding RSS

When’s the best time to create your superhero?  Why not now?  What’s stopping you?

For most of us it’s fear.  Fear of the unknown, of not making money, of not being able to provide for your family, of not knowing if you will succeed for fail miserably.

What if I could assure you that everything would work out?  Would you start today?

You might, but it wouldn’t mean much.  Superheroes don’t know the outcome.  No one told Bruce Wayne whether or not the Joker would fail, he had to make it happen.  There wasn’t a single fortune-teller to assure Superman that Lex Luthor wouldn’t take over Metropolis because if there had been, Superman probably would have just stayed at home.

You have to act, and you have to act fast.  That brilliant idea you have is probably already being thought of by someone else.  Start today.

Create your superhero.

It’s A Byte, It’s A Bit-Plane…

…no, it’s you and your superhero.  Let’s narrow down how to arrive at your superhero:

  • What would your name be?
  • What powers would you have?
  • How would be your greatest enemy?
  • How would you travel?

What do those questions have to do with anything, you ask?  What would you name your endeavor (be it a book, business, or screenplay)?  What special niche do you fill that can solve your audience’s needs?  What problem are you trying to solve for your clients?  What media would you rely on to effectively reach your market?

The End?

I know I didn’t provide a lot of answers in this post, but is that really what you want?  Your superhero is uniquely yours.  No one is allowed to know the secret identity of a superhero, even the ones that hero protects.  How you arrive at your destination is your own journey, I’m just here to encourage you to do so.

We all have a superhero hiding inside us, waiting to help those in need.  It’s our job to put on those green tights and patrol Columbia, TN (or wherever your patrons roam) and get out there.  It may seem silly to some, but they aren’t under the mask.  They aren’t the hero of this story.

Create your superhero.

What are your thoughts?  What have you found that has helped you along the way that you think can help others?  What’s stopping you from donning the red cape of glory and hitting the streets?

I’m all ears.

Image Credit: Getty Images

About Joey Strawn

Digital marketing sociologist and public relations specialist with experience on national and local campaigns with a love for film and the things it says about our culture and business. Joey is the Senior Social Media Strategist at ISM in Nashville, TN and is in the business of helping people and companies deal with the new universe of social media in their marketing and PR endeavors.
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7 Responses to They Call Me….The Viper

  1. You know what never makes sense to me?

    Some people’s inability to get started comes from the fear that they will succeed.

    Sometimes people are just not “set up to receive”. They hold back because they fear the change that will happen if they do make it work.

    Coach someone like this once or twice and see how your perspective on fear changes.

    Great stuff Joey!

    • Joey Strawn says:

      I totally agree. Success (or rather, the fear of) does strange things to people.

      Fear is completely relative to each and every person and can be a driving force or a hindrance. I would suggest that whatever superhero you create it be one that can tackle whichever version of fear you’re afraid of.

      Thanks for the great addition to the post, Frank!

  2. Meredith says:

    I really love this idea. I wish I had something more intelligent to contribute, but the bottom line is that I really like this idea. Coming from the nonprofit industry, I can see this idea being particularly relevant when so many nonprofit organizations are directly involved in saving people’s lives (in one way or another).

    • Joey Strawn says:

      I hadn’t thought of that, but you could almost take this in a completely non-profit way. Not only with the saving lives aspect, but also that most non-profits have to be very self-motivated and sustainable to be effective.

      I hadn’t thought of that, but now my mind is reeling, thanks Meredith!

  3. The first thing I thought of when I read this post was… it’s way too long since I read a comic book!

    The second thing I thought of was Bruce Wayne aka The Batman. He has no super powers, he can be hurt/ killed, he can fail and the cost of that is high. Does this disuade him? No! So what exactly is disuading me from moving from Mild Mannered Jason Berek-Lewis to Jason Berek-Lewis the entrpreneur superhero?

    Very little indeed…

    Thanks for the wake up call, mate!

  4. One last important thing to add: I want to be a superhero, not so much for myself but for my kids. Giving children positive role models, heroes, to look up to as they grow and develop is crucial.

    I really appreciate this post… Thanks!

    • Joey Strawn says:

      Jason, thanks for adding to the conversation. It’s important that we all find something to motivate us to create those superheroes. Children are a great motivator.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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