If You Could Have Any Superpower…?

Dash: You always say ‘Do your best’, but you don’t really mean it. Why can’t I do the best that I can do?
Helen: Right now, honey, the world just wants us to fit in, and to fit in, we gotta be like everyone else.
Dash: But Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, our powers made us special.
Helen: Everyone’s special, Dash.
Dash: [muttering] Which is another way of saying no one is.”

The Incredibles

Flight.  For me, its the ability to fly.  Ever since I was little I have wanted to be able to just lift off and fly anywhere I wanted.  Imagine it: no more lines at the airport, no more traffic jams, no shifty mechanics swindling you out of hundreds because you don’t know what a drive shaft does.  Incredible.

Imagine if you were a part of a family with super powers.  What an amazing idea, right?  Well, that’s the premise of Pixar’s The Incredibles.  Besides being one of my favorite Pixar features, The Incredibles has a lot to say about personal gifts and what it means to be incredible in your life.  Throughout the plot of the movie, superheroes are forced to give up their superhero identities and live “normal” lives and many of them long to be super again.

How many times have you said the following:  “If only I had………I could……..”  Fill in the blanks with whatever you want, but we all dream of a goal that we feel is unreachable in our present circumstances.  I’d like to convince you that you are actually a superhero in disguise and just need to harness your powers to achieve incredible things.

Identify Your Superpower:  Everyone is passionate about/good at something.  What is it for you?  For me, it’s movies and marketing.  I LOVE movies and I feel my calling lies in the world of social media and marketing and I have combined those powers into this blog and hope to branch out from there, to fly to higher destinations, if you will.  What is it that you are good at?  That you are passionate about?  How cold you put those powers to use for the greater good?

What are you doing to train?

Even Superheroes Have to Train: Batman didn’t just sit back and fight crime on his time off, Superman didn’t just wake up one day and realize he could save the world and Mr. Incredible didn’t simply decide to get back into the superhero game.  They all had to train and practice to find their art and become superheroes.  What are you dong to train?  Are you subscribing to blogs about your industry, or consistently writing about things you are passionate about.  I have myself on a strict Mon., Wed., Fri. posting schedule to keep my mind active and to make sure I’m training myself to always be reading and watching for new things to tell you about.  A great way is to start a Google Reader and just follow 5 blogs you enjoy reading.  Start a Twitter account or read some books by authors you respect (some good ones to start are David Meerman Scott‘s The New Rules of Marketing and PR and Chris Brogan and Julien Smith‘s Trust Agents).

Use Your Superpower:  Mr. Incredible’s strength did no good if he never stopped a plane from crashing and Dash’s speed helped no one if he had walked everywhere.  Training is all well and good until the time calls to be incredible.  You don’t have to save a baby from a burning building, but start that blog you are always dreaming about (and let me know so I can read it), or present that idea to your boss that you think will improve your company (trust me, confidence is a great superpower to have; SuperGuts!).

It’s time to step out of the crowd and take a chance at greatness.  Use your talents and powers and achieve the impossible.  Train well and bring others along with you.  It’s okay to be different.  In fact, I’d go so far to say it’s pretty damn incredible.


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About Joey Strawn

Digital marketing sociologist and public relations specialist with experience on national and local campaigns with a love for film and the things it says about our culture and business. Joey is the Senior Social Media Strategist at ISM in Nashville, TN and is in the business of helping people and companies deal with the new universe of social media in their marketing and PR endeavors.
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1 Response to If You Could Have Any Superpower…?

  1. Meredith says:

    I would borrow/steal from another superhero movie (Spider-Man) and add that “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Using your superpower is great. But you need to do so in a way that effectively captures your passion and uses your training to make sure that your power is used in the best possible way. Having a superpower won’t do you any good if, like Dash, you don’t use it to help others at the same time.

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